A meeting that made the difference for our interactive maps

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A meeting that made the difference for our interactive maps

Starting up a technology company offering an interactive map application involves countless hours of work and a seemingly endless series of meetings. But aside from the business conducted, certain encounters along the way make all the difference in the world.

The chance meeting between Daniel Bart, president and cofounder of Igloo Créations, and Jacob Racine, a member of the Karibu project, was one of such encounter. Recently, Jacob sent this testimonial to the application development team. It was like receiving a wonderful pat on the back!

“From the bottom of my heart: Thanks guys! Thank you for believing in us from the very beginning of this adventure. You were the linchpin of our communications through electronic media, and I thought of you every time I recorded an audio vignette. Sleeping outdoors for the entire winter of 2014 was more than a little crazy! Thanks for being a part of our madness! On behalf of all the Karibus, thank you!” – Jacob

They say that we believed in them, but they also believed in us!

In September 2013, Daniel took part in a cycling tour through Corsica, guided by Jacob. Both of them being devoted outdoor athletes with their heads full of projects, they clicked immediately.

Jacob told Daniel about his plan to ski across Québec from Montreal to Kuujjuaq. As Daniel was working on the development of the Ondago platform with his partner Martin Guay, he offered Jacob his services. It was a win-win proposition: Ondago could test its new interactive mapping platform and the Karibu team’s families, friends and fans, as well as the media, could track their progress on their ambitious trek.

The Karibu project became Ondago’s first pilot project. We were able to demonstrate the platform with our first users of both the mobile iOS app and the web version.

We are extremely proud to have helped the Karibu team stay in touch throughout their adventure. It was fantastic to be able to follow the exploits of the four members of the team, Marie-Andrée Fortin, Jacob Racine, Sébastien Dugas and Bruno-Pierre Couture.

Now it’s our turn to send our thanks to the Karibu team:

“You travelled a long way in 2013! And since then you’ve helped us make great progress too! Your trust and confidence helped us perfect our platform and offer our customers a product with clear advantages.

“Today, our clients include the Québec Winter Carnival, the Granby Zoo, Kingdom Trails, Mont-Tremblant, the Festi Jazz de Rimouski, the New France Festival, the Matawinie parks network and many others.

“Thank you!

“The Ondago Team”


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