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The story

As the sun was setting in the Vallée Bras-du-Nord, Martin, who was mountain biking, realized that a paper map couldn’t give him a precise position on the trails. Was it faster to keep going on this trail or to head back from where he came from? Faced with this situation, inspiration struck him and the idea to create Ondago was born.

Igloo Creations wishes to better everyday life by filling existing technological gaps. Ondago is its first mobile application and offers to a multitude of users, whether they are outdoor fans, exploring tourists or any other visitors, interactive maps that are simple, practical and intuitive to use.

Why Ondago?

We believe that the touristic and outdoor world should benefit from technology to offer a better experience and a feeling of security to its visitors while reducing the footprints of its practices.

Our values

We go forward in our projects with four primary values in mind


Simplicity means using the Ondago application and its practical information without worrying about technology while being present in the moment and experience.


Creativity and innovation go hand in hand and together allow us to achieve our projects and ideas which are only limited by our imagination. We keep growing because the possibilities are endless!


Our projects’ quality is filled with professionalism, essential to illustrate our experience, expertise and humanity in our every actions towards our partners, clients and colleagues.


In our vision, at the heart of technology are humans, most specifically family, key and center of our company. Our family is our team, growing and strong. It is together that the challenges we face are and will be crossed and solved.

The main shareholders


President CEO

Benoit, running and travelling enthusiast, takes care of administration, business development and local client relations for Igloo Creations.


Co-Founder and Vice President Technologies

Martin is in charge of developing the application, unfolding maps to users and answering technical questions that map publishers might have, but he also enjoys a mountain biking or river kayaking adventure with friends!