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The story

As the sun was setting in the Vallée Bras-du-Nord, Martin, who was mountain biking, realized that a paper map couldn’t give him a precise position on the trails. Was it faster to keep going on this trail or to head back from where he came from? Faced with this situation, inspiration struck him and the idea to create Ondago was born.

Igloo Creations wishes to better everyday life by filling existing technological gaps. Ondago is its first mobile application and offers to a multitude of users, whether they are outdoor fans, exploring tourists or any other visitors, interactive maps that are simple, practical and intuitive to use.

Why Ondago?

We believe that the touristic and outdoor world should benefit from technology to offer a better experience and a feeling of security to its visitors while reducing the footprints of its practices.

Our values

We go forward in our projects with three primary values in mind


We believe the greatest innovations are those who creates a real value to our clients. To achieve it, we take a careful look at our markets and reach for excellence.


Our customers are at the heart of our work. The richness of our interactions with them allows us to put our technology at their service, never the other way around.


Our great mastery of cartographic technologies makes it possible for us to develop high-performance and innovative products. Our clients can count on a team of experts who redefine the standards of excellence.

Our team

Our team is made of masters in the art of technology. It is thanks to our know-how that we have developed products and solutions that match the latest needs of our clients.

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