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Baseline cost

With our shared platform formula, we can offer technological tools at a fraction of the cost of traditional mobile apps and stay innovative through the constant improvement of our tools.

Here are the two prices to consider:

Cost # 1

Implementation of your map

$75.00 /hour

On average, producing a map takes 10 hours. During the implementation process, you will be invited to see and validate the work before the map is available to your visitors.

On demand estimate.


Let us create your map

$75.00 /hour *(4h minimum)

We can create turnkey maps from our models or customized, including the necessary iconography.

Cost # 2

Publication and hosting of your map

$59.00/additional map

– Your map is published in the generic categories (or sections) of the catalog of the app;
– Tools and graphic elements to promote your Ondago map;
– On demand monthly basic usage statistics;
– Evolution of the Ondago technology, including the necessary updates;
– The right to receive a drawback on the maps sold;
– The right to receive a drawback on all advertising on your map.

NOTE: Some members of our partners may benefit from discounts up to 15%.