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The Ondago mobile application allows you to transform your paper maps into interactive maps. Stand out with this new technology!

You have a map?

Send us the digital file of your map and your content (text, photos, etc.) and we will publish it in the app.

You don’t have a map?

Choose the look of your map from our templates or use our graphic design expertise, send us your content (text, photos, etc.) and we will publish it in the app.

You would like to have your own app?

Let our experts create a turnkey app for you.

Ondago PRO

Ondago PRO includes :

1. Emergency Measures and Alert Notification

2. Territory management

3. Trail management

4. Communication with users


For maps that respect your branding and suggest a comprehensive usage

Income for you

Generate income for your business by selling your map, adding banner ads to your map, or adding it the logo of your business partners.

Emergency measures

Emergency measures

Ondago brings together several functionalities and thus becomes a valuable help for first responders as well as users in case of an emergency.

Geolocated maps

Your visitors are precisely located on your map using their mobile devices’ GPS.

Offline availability

Allow your visitors to locate themselves on your map even without network connection or when they don’t have Wi-Fi access or data usage.

Your branding

Use your maps or create your own: they are personalized with your colours, your logo, your design, therefore highlighting your business’ brand identity.

Rich content

Enliven your paper maps in Ondago by integrating your descriptions, photos, videos, audio-guides and event schedules.

Increased visibility

Just having your map in Ondago gives you visibility with our thousands of users.

Distorted maps

Georeference all your maps, even those that are drawn or that are not scaled to fit reality.

Fast release

When Ondago has your map and the information to publish, only a few days are necessary before they are available to your users.


Get tangible data about your trafic and about your map’s usage in the app and help guide your promotional activities consequently.


Ondago allows you to offer your maps in English or French, therefore reaching people from different horizons.

Environment friendly

Decrease your paper map printing expenses and help the environment by using mobile technology.

Other services

For a fuller experience

For more information on all our services, contact us now!


Ondago at work

Client testimonials

I often walk on the paths of the Vallée Bras-du-Nord to take pictures and videos that will feature the different activities that can be done in this outdoor activity center. While I thought I knew the trails… the Ondago application has become an essential tool during my adventures to find with precision the different sites and landscapes identified by my client.
Philippe Jobin, Communication Advisor for Vallée Bras-du-Nord
It is a great pleasure to work with Ondago! Your work is always fast and efficient!
Marie-Ève Alain, Tourism technician for Saint-Raymond Tourism
We are more than satisfied by the services we received in relation with the Ondago application. We have been pleasantly surprised with the final product. The Igloo Creations’ team has offered us an efficient and personalized service that has been greatly professional. Their knowledge and skills have allowed us to develop a great complicity with them. We recommend this application and wish to continue our partnership with Ondago.
Joakim Lemay, Research Assistant, Innovation and Development for Destination Sherbrooke