Publish you maps for free on Ondago!

Good news! It is now possible to publish your maps with Ondago for FREE. Entering the mobile technology era will not be easier or cheaper.

This free offer includes the preparation of your map and its publication on our mobile application Ondago. Preparing a map takes a fraction of the time required to develop a mobile application. Within a few days, you will be able to offer your customers services on their mobile devices that will be very useful and that will improve their experience while visiting your area!

Offer guided tours, personalized visits, historical information on your sites. All this without any publication fee!

With our platform Ondago, we make it our duty to make the technology available to the largest number of tourism stakeholders. Offering our services for free is another step in that direction. It will also be possible for you to benefit from additional services at a reasonable cost.

For more details on our offer, you can visit this page.

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