The Ondago Cycling Team at Kingdom Trails

Kingdom Trails, what a wonderful place! This mountain bike trails network is located in the village of East Burke in Vermont. Its maps are available in Ondago. For the second year in a row, the Ondago Cycling Team went there for a three-day weekend earlier this September. Here is how Martin, Igloo Creations’ Co-Founder, describes their trip:

« The departure was on Friday morning in Quebec City. We arrived in East Burke just after lunch. Our first stop was at Libbey’s to get our meat for the rest of the weekend. A superb discovery! Their products are delicious and it will be a mandatory stop for the coming years.

Second stop: Kingdom Trails Welcome Center, directly in the village of East Burke. We bought our weekend passes there. It cost us 45$ for three days. Then we went to the grocery store, just across the street. We bought everything we needed in food for the whole weekend. We also ran into Tim Tierney, director at Kingdom Trails. He told us that this year’s summer had been fantastic and that a lot of people came to ride at Kingdom Trails. He also gave us feedback on Ondago’s usage. People seem to love it, which is great news!

Final stop: our cabin. We wanted to setup everything as fast as we could so we would have time to ride some trails before darkness. This year, we were staying at the Northeastern Log Cabins: a superb log house fully equipped! We recommend this place to everybody.

We wore our official Ondago Cycling Team shirts. We got our bikes ready and we took the direction of White School trail. We climbed up to get to Farm Junk and Skydive. Next, we took White School again and rode toward the village, taking every trail we crossed on our way. At the village, we have a mandatory stop after every day ride: Mike’s Tiki Bar. It is located beside the parking lot behind the Welcome Center. Next, we went back to our cabin to eat some spaghetti and steaks from Libbey’s.

On our second day, we decided to ride one of the classic trails there, Sidewinder. It is a must for anyone going to Kingdom Trails. Like the day before, we rode every trail that we crossed when going down to Sidewinder. Troll Stroll, Tody’s Tour and Tap & Die are all amazing. A new trail, called Bear Back, is really fun too. We ate a quick lunch at the top of Sidewinder. We already had almost 30 km done at that moment, but we knew that the afternoon would be a bit easier. We decided to do some trails going back up to the village. We arrived at Mike’s Tiki Bar just before dinner, the perfect timing!

On our third day, we prepared everything to go back home. We did not have the opportunity to ride because it was raining outside. »


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