Integrating new technologies into the tourism and the outdoor industry… without investing too much!

It is common knowledge; the arrival of new technologies has changed our ways of traveling, learning and moving around. Many of them have proved to be very useful and make our lives easier. Major organizations have already made a change toward mobile technology or, if it is not yet complete, are working and investing large sums of money on it. Smaller organizations, however, because of their lack of means, have not been able to make the most out of what new technologies have to offer.

It is in this context that Igloo Creations has set up a platform that makes mobile technology available to all sorts of organizations: it is Ondago. Indeed, because of its competitive price, Ondago allows less wealthy organizations to obtain professional technological services and therefore, to make a mobile change. Bigger organizations, on their side, may see an opportunity to invest more in their contents and less in technologies.

Created in 2013, Ondago is a free application available on iOS and Android that offers a catalog of interactive maps to its users. Ondago wants to become the “iTunes” for interactive maps. It is that simple! Ondago can transform a paper map into an audio guide or a GPS for biking, hiking and snowmobile trails and more. Ondago is the key application for the tourism and the outdoor industry organizations that wish to join the technological era.

After they have been downloaded, maps may be used even without network or cellular connections. Mobile devices’ GPS allow users to localize themselves on a map and to find out how far they are from points of interest, trails and roads, all of which can provide further multimedia information: photos, audio files, videos, texts, schedules, contact details, etc. These maps, designed with the organization’s visual identity, may also be integrated to a web site with Ondago’s web viewer.

What makes Ondago distinct? It is simple: its low cost and its short period of time necessary to put a map online. Indeed, since organizations do not need to pay for an application’s development nor for its maintenance, the price is very affordable. An organization that would like its map to be available in Ondago’s catalog would simply need to pay a fee that can be as low as 20$ per month, payable for one year. Regarding the time frame, once Igloo Creations’ team has all the required information in hand, it takes only a few days for the map to be put online, ready to be used!

A big city or an organization that would be tempted to have its own custom-made and expensive application should consider Ondago. Instead of investing tens of thousands of dollars in an application, why not invest in what will interest users, like historical contents or creating a route?

Besides the prestigious Quebec Winter Carnival and its artistic map, Ondago has Vallée Bras-du-Nord (mountain biking and hiking), Kingdom Trails in Vermont (mountain biking and “fat biking”) and the city of Témiscouata-sur-le-Lac (tourist maps) among its current clients. Since the 2015 summer tourist season is soon beginning, many other maps, from new regions and new lines of business, will soon be added. Igloo Creations, which bets on Ondago’s group force, is also working on new functionalities that will be available to all very soon. On your maps, get set, go!


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