Ondago facilitates a mountain rescue

On February 7th, at Kingdom Trails in Vermont, a mobile application called Ondago made it easier for a man to save his friend’s son who got lost while backcountry skiing. Mr. Daniel Y. Flanagan, after he found the boy by following his tracks, used the Kingdom Trails’ map in Ondago to see where they were and where they had to go to get back to the nearest trail.

In a thank you email he sent to Ondago’s creators, Mr. Flanagan says: “What made your app so valuable as opposed to using the GPS device on my iPhone was that I was able to zoom in and reference land marks like mountain biking trails and ski trails that are not on the iPhone app.” The boy and him walked (and even crawled) for three hours and a half through waist deep snow and sometimes chest deep snow. According to Mr. Flanagan, if he did not have the Ondago application to keep referring to to make sure that they were heading the right way, things could have gone very bad. Fortunately, the story ended well.

Ondago is an application intended for entertainment purposes only. Life safety activities are not part of its mission. Its creators urge all of its users the need for safety while practicing their favorite activities. In this story, Ondago’s developers are simply glad that the boy is well and proud that their application could have been useful.

About Ondago

Ondago is a mobile application for tourists and outdoor enthusiasts. It allows users to find, all in one place (in Ondago’s catalog), a variety of interactive maps for their needs. It replaces printed map, creates geolocalized maps and works offline. Multilingual, the application is available on iOS and Android.


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